rianestorm (rianestorm) wrote,

Yay! And Booo...

Ok. So my new baby finally got delivered a few days ago. She was not cheap.

At all. Unlike me lol.

But! She was so worth it. (pets keyboard) She streams video like 20 times better than CiCi did, no glitches at all. And she runs quiet, like seriously. Plus, all of the games I play obsessivly? Run so well. Even Sims. And so (bum-bum-bum), I have decided (da-da), that I shall name her (ba-da-da-da!) Lola! For she is awesome! And I love her.

But sadly the coming of a new computer has not returned my muse. At this point it has been going on two years since I've sucessfully written anything. And by sucessfully I mean more than one paragraph.

ONE paragraph. Aparently my limit. For the record? This sucks, and upsets me greatly. I miss writing. Now, it's always been painstaking work (for me anyway) rifling through everything you know trying to find just the right words. Trying to figure out why that suddenly sounds wierd now that you've written it down (or typed it out, whatever)

And then when you're done, reading it over and then deciding to change about half of it until you deem it fit for anyone else to read. It was always a pain in the ass, but once it was done and you have a finished product in front of you... you really feel like you accomplished something wonderful. At least I did.

I miss writing. At this point I'd give almost anything to be able to write the way I want to. I'm getting all depressed about it.

But still  Lola = Awesome. So that's, well... awesome, heh.
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